I want to scream

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Okay so it's been awhile since i have written here; and i sense it will be long. I ah I don't know how to say this. I have used R. as a crutch not believing someone will fall for me because of the chair blah blah blah obviously stupid I know. Let that prelude the rest of this post.
I had been missing R. merely because I am using the idea of herto fill some void until i find a real girl. I wanted to talk to my best friend J over skype about how i have been feelin' gulity for missing R being that its two years since i saw her and all that emotional shit and how i feel it was a crutch blah blah blah well i am a private person and feel rather quite stupid that i haven't on some level gotten past this. So as I said J and I sit down to have a heart to heart and my mom walks in and sits down on the couch to read (cant exactly ask her to leave being that my laptop is in the living room) I wish it was in my bedroom but the desktop is and i never use it now that i have my laptop but they refuse to move it statiing we would never see you as you wouldnt leave your room or some bull shit I want my own space because J gets frusterated when we are on skype and i type instead of talk but i dont wanna talk about how i am feeling if my rents are in ear shot and giving that my house is open concept and the desktop is in my bedroom i dont really feel like i have a place to call my own cuz someone (one of my parents is always in my room) what would you do in this situation! advice please!


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Two options...

You tell your parents you need privacy because:

a) you want to talk to your friend
b) your friend isn't comfortable talking to you when she knows they're in the room.

Although I am confused why if you have a laptop, you couldn't move to another room with it to have privacy? Seems the point of it being small and moveable, no?

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yes but

I can't move it on my own thanks to the wheelchair requiring to hands to move across the floor!

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Cant you put the laptop on

Cant you put the laptop on your lap and then you'll still be able to use you hands

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my lap isnt perfectly flat

my lap isnt perfectly flat thus risk dropping it!

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