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So y'know, music is pretty much everybody's favorite thing. I mean it's been around... forever? I mean to say the basis of it is sound, and contrary to popular belief, sound is made when humans don't even observe it.

So what's everybody's favorite toonage?

Moi (Unranked):
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Katy Perry
The Shins
Metro Station
Cold Play

This debit/credit card business makes getting music so much easier...


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Lately, I've been really into:

-- The Ting Tings (just got turned away from seeing them at a club this week, only like 10 people away from the door. They need a senior entrance or something.)
-- Vampire Weekend
-- Coldplay, pre-ordered the new album on iTunes. Hope it's good, cuz I already bought a concert ticket to see them next month.
-- The Last Shadow Puppets (weird side project from the Arctic Monkeys frontman)
-- The Police, seeing them for the first time next month, after loving them since the 80s. So been playing them a lot to gear up.
-- We Are Scientists, new album rocks, going to see them in early July at a small club here.
-- REM, loving the new album, and saw them two weeks ago in Berkeley.
-- When In Rome, went to purchase their old song, The Promise, from the 80s today, but for some reason, you can't buy it?! Oh well, I tried. So, I illegally downloaded it.
-- In The Heights, Original Broadway Cast


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Changes week to week.

Past few weeks the downstairs music, ie. the music me and my sisters listen to when we're cleaning, has been Blondie, Madonna (Immaculate Collection) and Girls Aloud. But last night we reached poptastic saturation and had to listen to Leonard Cohen.

Upstairs music, the music I listen to in my room, has been Edith Piaf, Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky and Moondog.

Nothing new, or even slightly newish, is really appealing at the moment. I'm a bit bored with skinny boys and their guitars.

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For me, it's all about:

For me, it's all about: Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for Cutie [I get to see them in June!], Incubus, Chevelle, Eisley, Metric, Mew, Emily Haines, etc.

Lately, though, I've been into: a hardcore mix my pal made me, MewithoutYou, Coheed.

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this week i'm all about kate

this week i'm all about kate miller heidke after rediscovering her album after a few months. top faves are scissor sisters cos they put on a killer show, david bowie and the velvet underground. the gossip are a fave too.

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Kate Nash. I love her.

Kate Nash. I love her.