I'm a bitch

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So today I had finals and didn't have to go to school because I didn't have any classes that were actually doing finals so i drove out to good old Oakley to pick up some of my friends there to hang, all premeditated of course. Well the ex has been talking to me and I told her what was going on a few days ago and invited her to come along, of course she said no but it isn't as if any of us had expected anything different. So I get there as school is getting out and I walk into the band room where Nina promptly tackles me and screams about how much she misses me. CC and the whore walk past me, more CC being pushed and the whore screaming at her about how she is not to talk to me. WELL! The entire band hears this, gangs up on both of them and just start talking shit right then and there without them even caring and when I try to get them to stop they talk LOUDER! So I just start laughing and then we leave and have a great lunch.... I LOVE IT!!!!