it concerns me

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The audacity of some people and their lack of concern for the environment... it really pisses me off.

To think, that people assume they can live an lifestyle that is disastrous for the environment with no repercussions. That people realize what they are doing is harmful, and they don't care. It astounds me, this lack of concern for the planet. I'll admit, I've never been 100% eco-conscious, I slip up. But I've gotten better, I choose things wisely, I avoid things that I know are harmful for Mother Earth.

We only have one planet, people. As much as scientists dream of colonizing Mars or the Moon, it's probably not going to happen. And why would you want to? The Earth is a beautiful, awe-inspiring place, when you look past all the destruction mankind is responsible for. Think about it... mysterious rainforests, lush valleys, deep oceans, creatures of all sorts, mountains that reach towards the heavens... all of that is at risk because of decisions we make every day. And it sickens me when people justify their destruction because "living eco-friendly is too hard", or when they outright refuse to admit that things like global warming or the North Pacific Trash Gyre (which is essentially a giant mass of plastic floating in the Pacific) actually exist.

Please, for the love of all things holy and righteous in this world, think about the things you do and how they'll affect the ecosystem, PLEASE!


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totally agree....lately i have jus been thinkin bout the environment and how lazy we r wit my house...and im jus yall....why dont re recycle and they like its too hard...not if u fuckin diciplined!!!

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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That's what my mom said

That's what my mom said about recycling, too hard. But after I showed her how easy it can be, she does it without thinking.

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half my honors history class

Half of my honors history class argued that global warming does not exist..
kind of disturbing since children today are the future leaders of the world.

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I totally agree.

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