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I can't wait until I just have a day to sleep, eat, do some chores, sleep, draw or paint or write music, and just lounge, without a damn thing to do. This week has been jam-packed with activites and it won't end until Monday.

We ate shit at our show today. Fucked up songs, the bass I was playing crapped out and I had to get a new one, we weren't playing our own equipment, etc etc. People said we did good, but I think they're a little dishonest, haha. But kind. None of my friends really went. The normal [Y and her buddy, good friends of the band, been there since the start] and then a couple of my friends came in right before we finished our set.

I can't get Z off my mind. She was nice to me on Thursday. She talked to me a little. Didn't seem awkward around me. [I went to my art class one last time before I was officially done with school]. When her and her friend were leaving she said "bye guys" and looks at me and says "have a nice summer" and smiles and turns her head and walked away. It was one of those slow motion moments, you know. When you're like "ahh she's looking right at me, eye contact, smile" and it was a good feeling because of it, though it was nothing more than politeness/friendliness.

I don't know whether I did wrong or right in telling her I think she's cute. It's like I'm on a cliffhanger that's never going to go one way or the other. Have I mentioned this? I think I have.

Tomorrow I go to a music/hippy festival in Santa Barbara. C's already there, her mom and aunt are driving me up tomorrow. I'm tired, but it should be fun.

Btw, I've raked in sooo much cash for graduation. And tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie AND and ipod.


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I don't have an answer in terms of wrongness/rightness (and those are pretty subjective anyway), but I definitely admire you for having the courage to tell her you like her!

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