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i'm supposed to be writing an english essay due tomorrow... then writing another english essay due the day after tomorrow. instead i'm going to avoid doing what i'm supposed to be doing, and feel bored.

I miss school. it's been practically 8 months (first of all.......... woah. it does NOT feel that long) and i really, really miss it. but i only miss it when i'm doing nothing... so that's kinda a given. but what i miss is my friends, and the STRUCTURE of school. i miss seeing my friends on a regular day to day basis. at uni it's like... u see this person one day... that person these two days... her on a friday, him every two weeks. i didn't realise that it would be so sporadic. so that kinda sucks. and i've made a lot of friends.. but i don't like them as much as i did my school friends. i know that i was with the school guys for 5 years, and it'll take time to form the same bond with my new friends, but it's just weird.

also, im all over the place with my schedule. this will change next semester, but i loved the structure of going to class at 8.25 and leaving at 2.45. im such a geek, but i loved it. i love structure.

anyhoo, i should resume writing.


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Hey! 8:25-2:45 was my exact

Hey! 8:25-2:45 was my exact schedule. Well technically 8:30-2:45, but whatevs. 4 blocks, 1 work block, 1 lunch, 2 transition periods.