Last couple of days

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I started to paint the fence in front of my house yesturday. I get paid $7 an hour. I don't think I've ever tried to work so slow in my life. So far I've earned $42. I hope my dad doesn't cetch on that I'm working incredibably slow to get more money out of him...
I also got a new 4-wheeler. Its awsome, its blue. As soon as we got home I went for a ride and I went 55mph on it on a gravel road. Bad idea, I'm lucky I didn't loose control but it was an awsome adrenaline rush! My dad bitched at me when I got back for going so fast, but whatever.
I've seen 2 movies in that past couple of days... "The Love Guru", it wasn't bad, it was better than I thought it would be, but it still wasn't very good. I'm a little disappointed in Mike Myers. Also saw "Teeth". Its about this girl that has vagina dentata (her vag has teeth). It was weird and gross because it shows what happens after she bites...
I've also decided I'm going to come out to my friend, I'll call her Sam. We've been trying to hang out for awhile but she's decided to be a dedicated 'athalete' and is doing summer swim stuff. I think she'll take it pretty good because our other friend is gay (a guy) and she's cool with him. I think it would almost be easier to come out when you're a guy, but maybe thats just me wanting to be more accepted by girls because I don't really care what the majority of the male population thinks of me. Its almost like girls accept gay men better than gay women, and men accept gay women more than they do gay men. Atleast thats what I've observed.


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I think it's because a lot

I think it's because a lot of the time, when you come out to straight people of the same sex they worry that you might take interest. But that's just me guessing. Straight people seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of a gay person liking them... But that's okay because I'm uncomfortable with the idea of a straight boy liking me.

Also, that teeth thing sounds really weird. I wonder what those people were thinking when they decided to make that movie.... XD

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That movie is just exploiting an old myth. Nothing new there.


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Ya it said something like

Ya it said something like that in the movie. It wasn't all that bad, its definately an Indie film though, but i like indie films.