Madonna and Hillary: Part II

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Madonna has pointy boobs. Simply as that. They're just pointy. I don't understand and I don't believe that anyone does. She could joust with them...

Then the weird thing is that Madonna is only a year younger than my mother. Then her mum died of breast cancer at age thirty, the same age that Eva Peron died (except she died of cervical cancer). Well Eva was technically 33, she lied, but who cares? Strangely enough though, Madonna was the lead in the play "Evita" which was a story of Eva Peron's life. I find that slightly comical, amusing.

And on another topic! Come on, Hillary deserves VP, we all know that. Yea, she lost, so what? We all lose now and then. And did she really lose? Sure she had less delegates, but she had the support of so many people. She and Barack made people think for once instead of being behind one dimwitted fool that didn't have to really appeal to people as much and simply was able to muster enough money up from his trust and hedge funds that he got by being apart of the lucky sperm club and using them to popularize him via mass lies. Oops, I meant mass media.

With over 1,500 delegates, I think that she being in second and being able to muster such power and such controversy, that she should be VP. I mean isn't it clear that she deserves it. A little under half of the democrats that voted felt that she should be president. Doesn't that make sense? And plus you get Bill in the mix who definitely has some experience under his belt.

Plus, who cares if she's a "bitch". Her herself, being a woman, being something new... ugh... "newer"... embodies the evolutionary trait of America. She embodies freedom, individuality and she obviously has a commitment to the people, though she does have some ego (What politician doesn't). And possibly... some leg. Not leg up in the race, but literally, she has leg.

America doesn't have a defined culture class. There isn't unity based upon ethnic, religious or any other superficial ties, but instead in something much deeper, much greater and much more important. The want of freedom, simply put is our tie. It may have been pushed to the back over the years, but through the years it's shown through. This I feel, is represented in Hillary and Barack.

Plus, we need to get unity to beat the silly old man. Not old actually, I really meant reanimated. He's really not alive - he's really Jack Skellington in a costume. Almost like Hannibal Elector, except not creepy/I'm gonna fucking piss my pants. You see, Jack wanted to try politics just like Christmas, but once again, he isn't good at it. Exactly why Anne Culture likes hi... OOPS! I forgot, she has a little bit of sanity left in her and actually might vote for a democrat because she's do disgusted with McCain.

And so ends this rant...


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completely agree with the

completely agree with the whole hillary thing, man i wish she would of won but it's over now and she most defiantly deserves vp!

i mean obama isn't going to do anything, I feel like hillary is better at being behind the scenes anyway, she would totally own him and if he has a good term perhaps she can even run again.

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The question is whether Barack would then have a scene-stealing VP and her attention-grabbing husband if that happened. I mean, she did spend her entire campaign saying why he wasn't as fit to be the president and she was, so that's a tough sell for VP. "Power" and "controversy" are two things against her as a running mate, not supporting points.

Of course, I supported Obama, so I'd rather he pick someone to match his optimistic tone, rather than bring negativity and divisiveness onto the ticket. Plus, he probably wouldn't want a running mate who can't admit voting for the Iraq war was wrong even in hindsight.

I'm unclear how unity means Hillary's supporters will stay bitter and not support Barack without her on the ticket, that sounds like extortion not unity. I mean, even without her, your other option is McCain. I can't imagine they will stay home before voting Barack with McCain as an option.

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