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I saw Don't mess with the Zohan today. I didn't like it, at all. It had a lot to do with the Israel Palestinian conflict. It just didn't make sense really and it pissed me off with all of the stereotypes there was that weren't funny but they tried to make funny. They also did a bad job of promoting Mariah Carey and her new cd.


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yes, I agree, I thought it

yes, I agree, I thought it was TERRIBLE.

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I haven't given in and seen this yet. I'm trying to avoid it. I tried to put in a request to interview Alec Mapa, the asian actor who plays the pother hairdresser, but that never went anywhere. I'm sure I would have just started talking about Sandler in light of my distaste for Chuck and Larry, hehe. So, probably a good thing...


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Juvenile teen humour. Joy.

Juvenile teen humour. Joy.