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so im in costa rica right now. for a month. i know it's a long time. im trying to get credit. im taking spanish classes and since im a spanish major, it'll help me fulfill a requirement. there are some crazy things about costa rica. like the rain. it's every day for like four hours. the traffic is horrible. their sewer system is not as good as ours. we eat rice and beans at like every meal. besides the whole not understanding everything, i really like it here tho. my host family is really nice. also, the fact that they have the internet really helps. it's weird. people outright ask me if i drink. since im underage in the u.s, im not used to this. it's different tho here. im thinking about going to a gay club. one of my friends at the school here was like saying how shed had went to one here and how she had so much fun. apparently they have a ladies night on certain days where u get free drinks til like midnight. it's way exciting.


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Well it depends what area

Well it depends what area you're staying in. It was that way with Brazil. Guarulhos, which is where the airport servicing Sao Paulo is, had 30% proper sanitation in the houses. So it was disgusting.

But I stayed in the upper class portion of Sao Paulo. I had rice and beans once for lunch. But I always had access to mango, coconut water, bread, other assorted fruits, fresh orange juice (it's so much better when you don't homogenize it), fresh watermelon juice, and assorted baked goods with hearts of palm in it. I loved my diet there. I was so much happier there. It could be because it was a vacation after all...

Have a good time there. And alcohol is like that with an non-American country.