My pride wrap-up

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I originally posted this as a comment to loreonpravus's post, but it seems way too long for that, heh. So, this is my pride wrap-up, albeit not a normal experience for most pride-goers, I wouldn't think.

Went to pride on like 3 hours sleep after being up late/drinking the night before...

Was OK, met some friends, some minor celebs, was like two feet from Margaret Cho backstage, but I'm kinda over her... although she is looking great, and I still think she is very supportive and inspiring to people. So, I didn't even go out of my way to say hi to her or anything.

Saw some young Latino guy get an incredibly hot naughty XXX photo with our beloved city hall as a backdrop. Except for him, most of the male nudity was either eh or blah. Since people mentioned it before, there was indeed female nudity... I know I saw it, there was definitely enough there, but no recollection. Mainly cuz it means nothing to me...

Spent too much time trying to make an interview happen, after a phone number someone entered into my mobile last night didn't get saved, or is saved under something else, somewhere, and I can't find it... but, oh well, we'll reschedule, hehehe.

Trying to get the interview did land me in the VIP area inside City Hall where the A-gays go to get away from the sweaty commoners, so open bar, free food (and a lot of vegan options). Chatted with Leslie Jordan, Gus Van Sant... I told Gus Van Sant he needs to use the one take of me in Milk where I'm 18 inches from Sean Penn, and he said he would, although he did cover his bases by saying a lot of people who were extras that night will probably see themselves in the finished flick, they used a lot of that footage, so we shall see...

In a big party, Gus is easy to find, look for the person in the corner standing alone who looks like they'd rather not be there. Turns out the rest of the Milk producers/writer were getting something, so they quickly swarmed around him and all was OK again.

To not appear like I cared he was Gus Van Sant, I asked him directions to where the new bust of Harvey Milk was in City Hall, and he directed me, so I used that as my way to actively leave our chat, rather than waiting for his party to descend on us or him to excuse himself...

With all my running around, I missed seeing my friend Garrin play, and also didn't get to catch the Ethel Merman Experience play the main stage, the only thing besides Cyndi Lauper I cared to see. Didn't see her, either. When I was at the Asian area, Ms. Cho showed up and did a brief set there, too. Still over her, so of course, I happen to catch her perform. Figures.

On Saturday, met Perez Hilton (over him, too), peed next to Brent Corrigan, a porn star who, as one might imagine, isn't too concerned about people seeing his junk at this point, not that he was *that* far back from the urinal. But unlike most people, I can honestly say my first time seeing him, he was flaccid, so that's something unique, no? Of course I looked! He was cute, I would have looked if he wasn't a porn star...

Actually, I mainly chatted him up before then to mention that I grew up in the town where he built his porn star reputation up, and when I grew up there, NONE of that was going on, so was just a funny moment to share. Didn't go too far down that path, since the guy who started the gay porn studio there was murdered under dicey circumstances, so kept it very surface.

Probably write reviews of the two movies I saw last night for Oasis tomorrow, since I'm way too freaking tired now. Trying to stay awake against my body's desires now, so that I don't wake up rested at 3 a.m.


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kinda disappointed you

kinda disappointed you didn't kick perez in the nads [if he has any] but maybe that's just because i hate the little bastard.

you met gus van sant?! soooo jealous.

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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lol too

that son of a bitch should be taken out and shot.
van sant on the other hand, is the fuckin man.
Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Perez and I have e-mailed in the past, so just said hi. I removed his site from my bookmarks as a new years resolution and it's been a good move. I do think he is kind of nice as a person, but all the gossip and negativity of the site I can do without.

Yeah, I told Gus I would try and set up an interview with him in the fall before Milk was released, so we may chat more in the future...


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wicked night uhh....

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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Christ you met everyone, or

Christ you met everyone, or saw everyone, just about. This was San Francisco, right? I'll have to head up there sometime. Too poor to take the roadtrip now [or, was when it happened].

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yeah... sf

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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