Need ideas.

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So over 2 weeks have gone by since my last post. We figured out my back was a torn muscle rather then a pinched nerve. I've been seeing the Chiropractor 2-3 times a week. Today I'm actually doing pretty good. Although we're a little worried because my leg has been really tingly, numb and has been falling asleep which isn't good.
Today was the last day of school. I have 2 days of exams then summer! Friday I have a music exam, and Monday I have a physics exam. Thursday I'm going back to my co-op placement even though today was my last day of co-op because the one grade 3 class that loves me is having a class of themonth party from the music room. I'm just figuring out what movie to show them. I wanted to show them MR. Magorium's Wonder Emporium but i lent it out to someone two weeks ago and don't have it back yet. So I'm thinking the Bee Movie, Enchanted, 101 Dalmations, Derby Stallion, HSM 1 or 2. I can't remember what other kids movies I own that are on DVD I could bring an Old School DISNEY VHS.. any ideas anyone?
Grade 3 so thats like 7/8/9 years old.


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You know what I've been

You know what I've been wanting to watch lately? Lady & the Tramp, so I vote for that one!

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Mulan. Favorite disney one

Mulan. Favorite disney one ever.

Even though it was a blend of the cultures of Japan and China... I mean seriously geishas in China? Who are they kidding?

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Mulan is one of my favs too!

Mulan is one of my favs too! I just don't have it on dvd.. it's up in T.O with my sis but i think the VHS player works at the schooll.. god idea.. or lady and the tramp works too because I have it on DVD as well.
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I <3 Mulan. It could be that

I <3 Mulan. It could be that I'm slightly asian-centric...

But I kind of love the aristocracy of the Western World. Y'know the good ol' WASP's that really have nothing to do with the P, but just use it as prestige.

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I love the lion king

'Oh Brave New World!'
- Brave New World
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