ok so i have problems

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for some reason i like reviewing things. ok so i downloaded the "metro station" album. its the band with that "shake it" song. i really like it. its kind of "dance pop" or something similar. their lyrics are kind of "shallow" but i still like them. they're very happy-sounding. so all i can say is "bleed it out" by linkin park is one of my favorite songs right now. i also like "fall for you" by secondhand serenade. the guy has a really good voice.

so the other day in class, people were talking about "homosexuals" (i hate that word. it's so formal. like we're a different species or something. *makes gagging motion*). so the topic was homosexuals and having children. the two people who actually were getting into the discussion were saying how they thought that somehow children of gay couples would have a harder time. they were talking about how they would be teased or whatever. of course this was in spanish so i might have missed something. but anyways. i guess i don't know anyone that is the child of a gay couple. i just feel like it wouldn't be that horrible for anyone. i guess i thought there was more stigma against the fact that they wouldn't have a male and female figure. i guess that would pretty much be shot down because of how many single parent households there are. oh well.

so back to reviewing. the album "grand archives" is really good. i like the song "blue foam couch" or something like that. apparently its an indie album. i didn't even know i liked indie. its very kind of peaceful to me. i like it a lot. ok so i've written too much. oh well i guess.


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Metro stations lyrics are

Metro stations lyrics are kind of shallow. If you wanna listen to something good try Paramore. And about the kid not having a female or male figure, my mom is a single parent and one of my teachers in elementary tried to tell her the reason I had problems behaving was because I didn't have a male figure in my life. Whatever, I just hated that teacher. I don't think it would be bad for a kid to have gay parents either.

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I think I know someone who's

I think I know someone who's dad is gay. I'm not sure about his family situation right now, (like weather his dad is single or what) I don't know him very well. But he has the same kinds of problems as any other teenager.

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Now if you want something

Now if you want something really shallow... Try Madona