Okay Okay Okay!

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So this chick. She'll be L. Well I said in a pretty old journal entry that she had the hots for me. So, I was walking over to Court Side (Pools) after swiping in and she pulls up with J, my bro's gf, and some other 'gal. She immediately starts talking to me and starts flirting with me. Well that was awkward for me (I like boys, specifically homosexual boys (it's this weird thing, I'm not attracted to straight boys). Anyway, I was all like stammering out "Ugh... I um... pool. Court side cya!". Then I saw M and G, some buds o' mine. They're apart of camps and adventures, not aquatics. So I chatted with them then headed over to Court Side (Finally!).

So I started my first day of work. Nothing interesting. No one drowned. EAP was not activated. No use of an AED, resuscitation mask or rescue breathing. Thank god. I didn't even have to pull anyone out. Well except for the catch pool for a slide. This cute 'lil kid couldn't swim against the current strong enough so I pulled him in with my rescue tub.

Anyway, we closed. I swiped out. L pulls up again and immediately starts hitting on me. Y'know, the "Hey there sexy". Well I was like, "yea, swipin' out cya!". So my bro and I headed to the local mobile and they pull up again (WTF! I know). She comes over, asks my bro for a bowl which he didn't have and she started to caress my cheek. I was like, "ugh... Cya!".

I just need some dude to act as my bf around her. Y'know, just mac on him right in front of her eyes. That'd be perfect. Even better would be my first ever crush, C (crazy! I know! first crush at 16).

I should tell L that I like boys, pretty damn strictly.


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Hey! I'm a lifeguard too.

Hey! I'm a lifeguard too. Everyday is pretty boring...No rescues here either...

- - -
Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
- I had a GREAT time with...them.
Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!

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Isn't that a good thing? This is a job you prefer to be boring, I would imagine.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Fuck that! I wanna go all

Fuck that!

I wanna go all AED and EAP on some guy's ass. Preferably hot. Actually has to be hot.
And then that hot ass boy would come and thank me. And y'know we'd fall in love and stuffs. He'd be all smokin' and stuffs.

Why doesn't life turn out like that?

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haha...my girlfriend is wit me at my boring job...so its jus fun....yeah jus tell her ur gay and L will quit.... or try harder...jk...

Theres always something to laugh about in life...