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So yesterday i spent most of the day doing nothing, just laying down. I have a pinched nerve in my lower back making it hard to do basically everything. I can't grab anything that isn't at leas an arms length away. I can't bend down, standing or sitting upright i feel like screaming. I've tried pain medication it didn't work the first time so i gave up on that, icing it, using a heating pad both kind of worked, and ive tried doing nothing just laying down and that hurts, stretching and movine aswell.
I went to bed hoping that magically it would get better but when i woke up it definitaly wasn't better. For about 30 minutes this morning i could roll over without any pain but not much else. Now just laying here hurts but it hurts less then sitting up. I decided to stay home from school because i do co-op firs tin which im dealing with kids standing up sitting down, moving around which hurts and school i have to sit up which hurts as well. Basically school wasn't going to work for me.
If anyone has an suggestions let me know. Even if you know a way to make it a dull pain instead of a searing pain.


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-- Drugs
-- Chiropractor

in THAT order. :-)


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awww, muffin.

a professional

hang in there :-)

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Pinched nerve?! Ouch. Drugs.

Pinched nerve?! Ouch. Drugs. Professional. More drugs. Jacuzzi. Even more drugs. Swimming. More drugs.

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Well it seems that others

Well it seems that others have got to this before I have, but drugs.

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thanks yall i tried drugs

thanks yall i tried drugs (legal- can't do illegal have a blood test in a few days) and my mom is making an appointment for me at the chiropractors because this is the 3rd day of this...
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