Routines, Cockettes

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My bedtime routine is pretty much the same every night. i have a hot shower, light some incense, turn off my light, turn on my bedside lamp, throw some music on (tonight, Les Hurlements d'Leo) crawl into bed and muck around on the lap top til late... oasis, myspace, bit of porn, etc
suits me just fine.

i was thinking before that i've kinda misssed the boat when it comes to new, outrageous forms of performance art. i'm 2 generations too late to be shocking audiences with my own unique brand of performance. but that's just it - my brand of performance isn't unique. i'd love to come up with something like The Cockettes, they rocked the kasbar. they were so different and crazy; avant garde drag that did whatever the fuck it wanted to. thats what I want to do. why can't i create my own "Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma"? i know i could if i put my mind to it, its just a question of coming up with a hot new idea that no one has seen before. It is my quest to be the next Divine. Well, if not Divine, the John Waters of the performance art world.