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I've always been more feminine.
And because of that, I'm apparently "Gay"
I know I am, but I don't think that being feminine makes someone gay.
School REALLY sucks for me.
The LGBTQQ stereotypes are really annoying and hurtful- things like people haven't shown affection to the opposite sex yet, and therefor they're gay, or People being lesbian just because they use the term "I love you" to another female.
There are so many random, unrelated, stereotypes that people make up to hurt people and fit in.
I'm starting to think they just take random qualities of people and label it as gay.


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coming to terms

I think we are all sexual beings we were created that way. Preference or orientation can be so gray. I have considered myself hetero for many years. Whether you are feminine or masculine or whatever stereotype you think may fit, it doesn't really matter. It is how you feel and know of yourself deep down inside that really counts. It took a real long time for me to discover and be ok with it, but I know I am bisexual. Unfortunately I cannot be open about it yet. I have too much at stake or risk to deal woth that in my life right now. I know I could be in a romantic relationship with lets say a woman and if she knew and understood my sexual desire and supported it I would cherish and worship her. But it isn't always all about me, she has needs too, if she was sexually charged by my bisexuality or even bisexual herself all the better. What if I was in a LTR with a man? would he support my need or desire for sex with a woman?

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Okay, I think the real

Okay, I think the real problem is, is that it's a bad thing to be labeled as a "lesbian" or "gay". I'm not gay, (I'm pansexual. :D ) but I'm flamboyant. Would I care if someone called me gay? Not really, I wouldn't care if someone called me straight either. I'd just correct them. Part of the problem is that people get offended over being labeled over stereotypes. It's stupid that anyone gets called that over how they act anyways.