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Spending the entire summer at the theater is my idea of heaven. Even if heaven does involve an awful lot of push-ups. Yes people, acting is not all glamor, we the students do have to work out every morning. Not sure what the full company members do. :-)

My crush on S has not faded. I still can't get up the guts to say anything to her. (Well, anything that would amount to a direct admission that I'm crushing on her. I've probably given her a disproportionate amount of compliments though.) She's in the summer theater program as well... that's how we knew each other, from doing it together last year and people would always switch our names for some reason. (We don't look THAT much alike.) Maybe that is why I've been scared to say anything...? because if she were to freak, we'd see each other eight hours a day for the next six weeks still... that would be awkward.

Though, all the same, I was walking with her for a minute after class on Friday and I told her, “you're really pretty, you know that?” (Felt like my stomach rose about six inches before I said it.) Don't know what she thought of it... she just said thank you.

Been feeling like I need a friend to act as, well, a surrogate big sister I guess... so I'd have someone real to talk to. (No offense, cyber-citizens of Oasis. I know you're all real in your own worlds!)

Ah yes — if anybody wondered about my driving, I did get the learner's permit and have been practicing in empty parking lots with my dad... no crashes yet :-)


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hey, seems your problem is all to familiar to me, ive come to find that alot of people us gays crush on 99.9% of the time already know that we like them, if this girl is as understanding as u make her out to be i think u should have a carefully planned and worded talk with her, u never know what hse would say. it could either bring u closer or make it awkward and if she treats ur differently cuz of how ur feeling then she isnt worth it, if u like to chat sometime with me my aim sn is evanfail422 let me know if u have text so we can text eachother