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How convenient that my wireless reaches the backyard. I bought some tanning lotion at my work and some aloe lotion and now I'm all set to brown for the summer. Hopefully minus the skin cancer. I've sunblock on,t oo, though.

Today was my last day of class. Ever. Graduation is Thursday and then, that's it. It feels a little inconclusive; it kind of snuck up out of nowhere. All of the sudden I'm a senior and I'm finally going to get what I asked for when I was just in elementary school. I'm not upset, it's just a shock. [If there's errors in this, I can barely see the screen because of the sun, so I probably missed any typos].

LA Pride was about as exciting as Long Beach. Not many booths to look at, and not a whole lot going on. I'll have to go for a parade or march or something active next time.

Better take this thing inside before it gets too warm.


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I've been tanning for the

I've been tanning for the past 3 days. At state's, the whole track team was using my sun tanning products... i barely have anything left.

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I've never had the patience

I've never had the patience to sit still in one place for long enough to tan. Sometimes when I swim I get tan... that's it. =\

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