telling her she's adorable

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I was signing my friend's yearbook. It was block schedule for senior finals and I had art that morning with the girl who resembles Alexis Bledel [I forget her acronym... Z? do you remember? It's Z now]. K and B had it planned to tell people what we thought of them at the end of the year, though I really only had one in mind.

I passed up all my opportunities. Got nervous, felt nauseous, let it slip. Our art teacher was crying because all her seniors were leaving her, and Z was standing alone, and I watched her walk out the door and wave goodbye at me.

I saw Z sitting on the grass by my friend. Nauseous. Perfect opporunity, it was punching me in the face. "I will regret it. It'll ruin all chances of saying 'let's hangout sometime' and she probably won't be too interested in talking to you again." But what have I got to lose? I'm throwing my shit to the wind, she's a junior and what are the chances we'll see much of eachother even if I'm sticking around town? And what are even the chances of us hanging out? Slim to none. "You will regeret not doing this. Despite what you think already, you will kick yourself for not having the balls to tell her."

I walk up, get her attention "Hey how's it going?" And tell her and K and A's idea on telling people what we really think. "So, I think you're adorable. If you were down the persuasion [or, if you were gay, in otherwords] I'd probably date you." Turn to her friend, tell her she's got a great hair cut [short, very cute] then turn back and conclude "yeah, you're really cute, have a nice day." They are giggling and the friend says thank you and Z says have a nice summer.

I wish I could've edited in and out some things but over all, I DID IT! If I sounded a fool or a wierdo, oh well. If she's kinda creeped out, oh well. I threw my shit to the wind and got ballsy and just fucking did it.

LA Pride, here I come.


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who's got big balls?

you've got big balls!
(if you can name that tune I'll be extremely impressed)

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not you silly!

that was for her!

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Yeah ACDC. "And she's got

Yeah ACDC. "And she's got big balls, and he's got big balls! But I've got the biggest balls of them all!"

gaynow's picture, I thought that was, I thought that was to the tune of the 'short shorts' bit from Flying Purple People Eater.... >.<

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Power to ya! ;)

Power to ya! ;)

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that's hysterical...

good for you!
i would be too scared to do that.

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Awkward, w/ the giggling and walking away!

But awesome overall :D