Thanks dad

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Today I went with my dad to get paint so I can paint our fence. On the way there we had the radio on and "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry came on. My dad got this really discusted look on his face and said, "God! What the hell is this shit!" then he turned off the radio. I don't know what got in me but I said, "I actually kinda like that song, its cetchy..." He cut me off with, "That shit just isn't right." I just sat there feeling defeated and trying not to cry. As soon as we got home and I was in my room I cried as hard I've ever cried.
Why didn't I say, "Dad I like that song because I like to kiss girls" or something like that. I'm so tired of lying to people and myself. Just when I think I'm ready to come out something like that happens. Its like I take one step forward and then run a mile backwards. I can't wait until I can graduate and get the hell out of this godforsakin state.


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That doesn't sound like a good experience at all. I'm sorry.


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