That day has finally come and gone...

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so now my hs career is over and the real world is at my feet just waitin for me to step into it. i can honestly say at this point that the future has got me scared rather die lol. graduation was a good day. my gf told me when i first met her that she wouldnt be here for graduation and would be going to her cousins and her exes graduation instead which with the latter i wasnt happy but for family i understood. so i was a lil bummed at graduation knowing she wouldnt be here on my big day but i just blocked it with just thinking that id she her the nxt day...but i was in for a surprise...she ended up not having any other graduations to go to and made up the whole thing just to surprise me. i was in tears and really happy that she came. she also made me a sign. i dont care that i didnt get a lot of leis and crap im just happy that i had all the people i loved around me on my big day!


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:) Shura



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Real world?

Aren't you going to college?

You can hit snooze for four more years on the real world...


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