The truth is you'll be ok anyway.

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It's just astounding how I'm actually writing in oasis when I'm happy, as opposed to the normal trend of scribbling in here while my life lies in ruins. Well, a teenager's perspective of ruins, anyway.

Alas, I do have few words to share, though. Things are happening in my life, but I simply don't think they're as important as I used to. I mean, they're just...things. My happiness no longer hinges on what's going on around me; that pattern of thinking once made my life as stable as a game of Jumanji. Now I'm content knowing that both the outside and inside world are constantly changing, and I don't need to fight this phenomenon. It's just the way the world is. I acknowledge that part of this mindset is accepting that it itself will change, and if I'm struggling a week or two from now, I'm going to have to accept that, too.

I'm not completely egoless, however, so I'll give you cats and kittens a quick rundown of my sundowns.

-I've decided to create a weekly writers' workshop for local teens. Our first meeting will be tomorrow.

-I'm also planning to film my first "real" movie that I've written the script for in the next week or two. (Remember, I'm kinda into that whole screenwriting thing?) It's a 6-8 minute film about a mentally handicapped teenager who yearns to win a four square tournament.

-The marching band season has started...woo. It's strange being a big ol' senior. I feel bad for the kids who look up to me! =]

I hope that keeps the gizzard going for all the inquiring minds out there!


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Change scares me. I don't

Change scares me. I don't like the idea that my mind can be completely.. not-okay with something. Unable to ''survive'' with the change. But my body will go on living just the same.

Your mindset seems healthy, roll with it =]

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If it wasn't for change, we

If it wasn't for change, we all would be bored to death. As much as we may -or may not- hate it, it's the only way possible of having fun, or at least not becoming like a cow (you know: Chewing. Regurgitating. Chewing again. Mooing. Ad nauseam). That was a terrible example, what was I thinking about? Anyway. A script? Quite interesting, I hope that turns out to be an excellent short film. The world is in desperate need of decent scriptwriters!
Go marching band! (I'm going to miss it in the university, I used to help my band friends a lot...).
Just keep on being happy, and thanks for a happy post. They're scarce.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens