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if you go to costa rica that is. if anyone cares that is. so i went to a couple of bars last night. it was fun and everything. lets just say girls here are a little more scantily clad than in the u.s. it's not that surprising if u've watched the spanish chanell. but still. another thing that's interesting here is the showers. their hot water heaters don't work as well as ours. ya. but for the most part it's not very hard to get accustomed to the changes. on another note i like the new key west ad even better than the first one.


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well, it's south of the us,

well, it's south of the us, so maybe its warmer in general.
Sounds like a good place to go bar-hopping, though!

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I don't think people in tropical climates put a premium on hot showers.


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