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Warning! Short theological essay ahead! Brain damage may ensue.

My mother said a very funny thing to me today.

“You know there’s only one God, right? I know you’re curious about all those other religions... but there’s only One True God.”

She points to the crucifix and extends her arms to mimic the death of Christ.

My mother is right. Unfortunately, she is only half-right and limited in her view.

There is only one God. But God takes on many forms for all sorts of people.

Not very long ago, I disliked using the very word ‘God’ (with a capital ‘G’) because it embodied the Catholic Christian upbringing that had always terrorized me and mutilated my view of the Divine. So I used other terms, ‘Spirit’, ‘The Creator’, etc., which are fine to use, but they were terms that seemed unfamiliar to me. What I failed to understand was that ‘God’ did not belong to Christians. ‘God’ was not their possession to throw about and justify their hatred. Realizing this, I became more comfortable with using ‘God’; because ‘God’ is not a vengeful old man who will send me to Hell because I don’t follow a religious path that a bunch of people claim to be the One (and Only) True Way to the Divine. God is so much more than that.

For me, God is not only the Lord and Lady, the Divine Union. God is also the wildfire, the earth, the vast oceans, and the wide expanse of the sky. God is much more than my mother’s God, a vengeful old man sitting somewhere on a cloud, telling those punks down there in Hell to turn down their death metal music or He’s going to send His Son down there to fuck some shit up. God exists not only as Odin, or Zeus, or Pan, but also as Ata Bey, as Kali, as Isis. God is everything, but God is also apart from everything. God is the nucleus, the heart, the center of all that is, but God is also everything that is, ever was, and will be. God is many things to me. Sometimes God is a woman, manifested in the Earth beneath my feet and the Moon in the night sky above my head. Sometimes God is a man, illuminating the world with the power of the Sun. Sometimes God is a man with an elephant’s head and many arms. God will take on whatever form is most comfortable for you, but at heart, God is the one staring you back in the mirror.

You are a part of God. God is a part of you. Don’t ever forget it.

There is only one God. God has many masks, many faces, is present everywhere, and is the heart of all things. God is present in you, in me, in your friends, your family, and in the strangers that pass you by. God is never far away. Simply look within, and you will find the Divine Essence, the One, the All. God is unknowable, yet familiar, like a best friend you can call upon at any time. That is what God is to me.

What is God to you?


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George Carlin (a hero of mine, sad that he passed this week) summed it up pretty well:

Beyond that, the Tao Te Ching begins with the notion that the Tao (way) that can be named is not the Tao, so as soon as you start to put God into words, you go further from God. Which makes more sense to me than God wrote a book...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Ah, I loved that bit of his.

Ah, I loved that bit of his. So true. <3 It's really unfortunate that he passed, such a funny man...

"...But He loves you. He loves you and he needs money..."

Anyways, I've read that particular verse of the Tao Te Ching, and I understand that. This essay is my way of explaining my religious beliefs to my mom and minds like hers. But she'll never want to read it. Too closed-minded to accept anything other than the "Word of God".

But you're right and Laozi is right, the more I try to generalize my beliefs, the more distant I become. I guess instead of generalizing and thinking about it, I should be experiencing it, huh? :P

*goes off to pray and meditate*

"We came whirling out of nothingness scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle, and in the middle we dance."--Rumi

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Eh, definitely don't believe

Eh, definitely don't believe in God. At least in the Christian sense. I believe there are things of power, like nature and the human spirit as you were mentioning, but I don't classify them as God; they are what they are. As seems to be the consensus at the moment, labels aren't important.

I don't know everything, and it's possible that there is indeed some type of higher power lurking out there, but if there is, I don't think it's important. I'm the one who has to live my life and make the decisions.

“Never forget! The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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George Carlin rocked!

What a great segment from George.

I totally agree with you Ricky. I'm glad you got a chance to vent a bit here. I grew up Catholic in NY - actually wen to Catholic School from kindergarten to 12th grade! Luckily I have a great family, and great parents that didn't get completely brainwashed. They still followed their hearts and guts when it came to common sense.

I'm sorry that more people don't do that.

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I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same god they just disagree on how to worship, who is the prophet, etc. It's amazing how much impact religion has on the everyday things around us. ...Hmm I'm going to go think about religion now :-)
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