Uh oh?

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So I'm dumb and decided to get up at 6am to go to a basktball open gym. Which I've decided I am never doing again, and heres why...
My friend Sara, who is also on the team, texts me at like 10 and said
"You didn't go to the open gym this morning right?"
Me "Ya, I did for once, you should be proud"
Sara "Well don't ever go to another one because Coach has been having sex with Jen" (Jen, the allstar, is a dumb bimbo also on the team)
I'm like wtf! I've thought that since November that they were doing stuff during their "one-on-one" practices... Coach is in his mid 40s and isn't bad looking for a guy. But he's also the principal of the school. Jen also babysits his kids. There was a rumer going around during school that he got fired from his previous school for sleeping with one of the players. I mean they've had so many "practices" where it was just them, also during the season Coach would give her a hug after games, she could do no wrong when it came to playing too. And just the way they act around eachother you could tell something was going on.
Sara told me that Jen told another girl and she of course told everyone else. I don't know whats going to happen with all of this, I hope that Coach gets fired though because he's a bad coach and now this. Its also just rumers too, but still thats not right and its messed up. I mean if your a teacher or a coach you shouldn't have one-on-one time with students, just for the mere fact that it can cause people to talk.


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If it true he got fired from

If it true he got fired from his old school for sleeping with a underage player, hes probably listed as a sex offender. You can look up that up on the internet, just google search his name and see what comes up.

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wow....first of.. who has one on one practice wit a player...student yes....but u jus cant have a one on one practice wit a player if its a team sport....second of stupid idiot gosh people r fucked up these days having sex wit underage kids...

Theres always something to laugh about in life...