What does an 11 year old child need with Eurotrance music?

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I was digging around for my soundtrack of "The Craft" soundtrack, but instead found my copy of Vengaboys, "The Party Album". i'm quite sure that this was the first ever CD i purchased, when i was around 10 or 11. i can't honestly think how i would have enjoyed it then... eurotrance music wasn't then or is now my cup of tea. i bought it because my best friend loved them, so i loved them too.... cough... so yeah. it's so sexual and, well, gay. my very first crush was on robin, the sailor. to the 11 yr old me, that sexy sailor's pout in the liner notes made me weak at the knees. he was who i wanted to grow up to be. i detested the fat, weird kid i was... i wanted to be him so bad. this band was so cool, they rocked the singles charts. but then the album is full of extremely long, electro dance music. what was i supposed to do with that? im listening to it know, its making for good background music. but i can't even comprehend how my mother would have actually let me BUT it. on the cd cover is a caricature of the band, the women with massive tits popping out of tiny shirts. the songs have titles like, "boom boom boom boom" and "Superfly slick dick". i can imagine that the impact this had on me has made me the pervert i am today.
it is so weird.


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I swear half the people I

I swear half the people I know had Vengaboys as their first album (including my little sister, which means somewhere upstairs we probably still have that album). Mine was- horrendously- probably Spice Girls 'Forever' (the one they released minus Geri Halliwell when you knew it had all gone wrong).

Any context was lost on us entirely though. Oh 1999.

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My first album was

My first album was like...Backstreet Boys. Would that possibly have done anything to me?

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The first album

The first album I bought completely on my own was a Sisters of Mercy album, I think. Hm.

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i wanna have sex, on the

i wanna have sex, on the beach! i think that was vengaboys

my first was the Sound of Music soundtrack. hardcore...

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haha....i havent got a first cd i was borned into the world of mp3....haha..but i understand. my grandpa would never let me buy that cd even if i wanted it....

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