What I want to say

music is life's picture

I swear I've always thought cheerleading was a sport. I'd let you where my jersey on game days. Remember when you told me you were afraid you didn't make the varsity squad? And I told you not to worry because you're the best on the team and you have nothing to worry about. You made varsity. I know I used your boyfriend as my 'cover up' but I don't think that really matters. Remember in drivers ed when we sang along to Paramore while I was driving? And I didn't see that stop sign and went right through it and almost killed everyone in the vehicle? Don't you know I would never let anything hurt you. I love how you still bring that up and laugh at me for it. Don't you realize how everytime I talk to you I turn 20 different shades of red? Or when I'm next to you I'm going crazy inside. I know you know in your heart that what I feel is real. I hate you for doing this to me, I think you do it on purpose. I don't blame you for being afraid. Because I am too. Don't you know I would never let anyone hurt you.

Yeah, so I know that doesn't make sense and is dumb, but its everything I want to say to this girl but I don't have the balls to do it. She's a cheerleader and is of course straight. I always like the straight girls, but thats cuz thats all there is around me. Anyway, I saw her today and and I almost forgot how much I liked her because I haven't seen her in 3 weeks since school got out