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Ok so im basically a writing freak, im writing the cliche gay story but i need help ita taken me a year and im still stuck so far i have..........
this very hot popular guy named Danny. Danny has a drunk mother, an ass step dad, a little sister who he looks after the most, a brother that died and his dad walked out on them when he was young. Well as you can guess Danny is in the closet and no one knows, as hes in football practice one day he sees this really hot guy named steven and he gets distracted so he gets knocked out awakening in stevens house, so after a while of awkwardness daniel leaves goes back home and tries to solve the mystey of which is steven, when daniel returns to school he gest a new student who ends up being steven and he decides he needs to get to know him, mean while all this is happening daniel has re occuring reams of the day him and his brother got into the accident and his brother died, and as the dream seeks deeper he realizes steven is a key to helping him remember that day and how it happend.


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You're not blocked. You're not writing.

The best parts in my book have resulted from me not knowing where it was going. Significant plot points were unearthed when I went back and see that something said earlier can be used as a clue now.

Part of the unknowing is what will make it a better read for your readers, because you will capture the same mystery they are experiencing. If you know what is supposed to happen, then you're ensuring there is no magic of discovery to be captured on the page.

That said, you may have to write 20 pages to find something great and then delete 18 of them. But it's just time and kilobytes.

But sitting around plotting it out so you know what to write, that seems like the wrong direction entirely.

Writer's block is always procrastination of some sort. Just write. If you don't know what the point of the scene is, put your characters together and get them talking, and eventually it tells you what needs to happen.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I dont get it. I understood his family issues and that hes closited and then you lost me, could you explain fearther maybe I can help-Im an author too, message me anytime you want to chat.
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