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I really like balancing my check book. I really love it. Then I love dealing w/ money electronically. I love charging money to my credit card or debit card. I love it all!

Someone asked me today if I use my cards wisely...
She does have a point, all that money really is not mine... Well it is mine, but I didn't earn any of it. My great grandfather and assorted ancestors did.


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That's interesting. I love

That's interesting. I love money, but not necessarily in terms of wealth, just what it is and what it does, if that makes sense. But I love physically handling currency as opposed to electronic money. I'm kind of nervous about the future when supposedly it will all be in computers where I can't touch it.

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I mean, yea it's good to

I mean, yea it's good to know it's in the physical form. But even still, the U.S. could cease to exist magically one day and all that wealth is useless.

It's actually a technical investment also, though most people don't view it that way. And with all investment, even CD or Term Shares, there's risk.

So paper and coin currency really means nothing unless you have a true physical standard other than cheap metal and cotton/paper. Like gold. But that standard is LONG gone!

And remember! All accounts are insured by the FDIC. Well not all accounts really... Share Accounts from credit unions are insured by the NCUA for the same amount as the FDIC.

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I'm still at the point that

I'm still at the point that when I hear "balancing a checkbook", I picture some random person trying to literally balance a stack of cheques on a pen or something of the sort...