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Alright. So. My grandparents... We'll lets start with the pleasantry's of their lives.

My grandparents were born into money, they're genuine Lucky Sperm Club goers. Old money style.

Anyway, they grew up during the Great Depression but never experienced it, because they had money. My grandmother went to primary school in Switzerland but was sent home in her third year because of the threat of Nazi invasion. My grandfather went to a prep school (they were much more prestigious and elitist back then, WASP's were only allowed in).

Pretty normal I guess. Then they went on to secondary education. My grandmother to a finishing school and my grandfather to Yale to study English (you could study subjects solely back then). They met, they immediately fell in love.

Their lives were run of the mill. Well - besides my grandfather being stationed in Brazil with his wife, my grandmother, along with their first son George who would later commit suicide 1986 (that's a guess and I have no clue if that's right). My grandfather was a CIA official, and even now all of his assignments are still classified.

After completing his missions in Brazil he began to work as the head of the Richard K. Melon trust, a philanthropic trust organization. You all probably know about the Melon's, but in the super condensed version of what they did: they financed America. They were major bankers and financed the Carnegie's, Rockefeller's and every major industrialist and business man. Without them, American Industry would be much different.

He latter became chairman of the University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center. During his time as chairman, he led the Medical Center through a series of absorptions and mergers, with the Center gaining control of about 40 hospitals. UPMC is now currently an HMO. I plan on attending there for Medical School.

The not so pleasant:
I won't see them this year in Maine. I thought I would, but they've become so sick they're probably incapable of a plane trip. You see, last year they both were diagnosed with cancer, trachea in my grandmother and lung in my grandfather. My grandmother's cancer has metastasized and spread to her bones and liver. It's almost 100% definite that she'll die from it. I think she's lost hope in life. My grandfather has pretty slim chances too, one doctor felt that he was in the same boat as my grandmother.

My father just told me that it's probably the last time I'll ever see them, ever...


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Sorry about your

Sorry about your grandparents, the way you describe them makes them sound like amazing people. CIA? Thats pretty awsome