am i the only one?

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omg i just finished blubbering after watching that youtube video with lion reuniting with its owners. this was the second time today. i saw it on the today show this morning then felt the need to watch it again tonight. idk what it is about it.

so today im really tired. im trying to get off my schedule of napping after work then going to bed at 1a. then getting up early, work, napping. i dont think its going to work tho. sadly.

i really wish i had more to write about but my life is boring. my highlight of the week will be hanging out with my friend b at starbucks. i might be able to make it to the beach after work on saturday. i'll be later than everyone else tho and i still have to get directions.

i really need to get out more.


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i love lions, napping, starbucks, and the beach...
you're not that boring, hehehe...

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thanks If male homosexuals


If male homosexuals are called "gay," then female homosexuals should be called "ecstatic." ~Shelly Roberts