Another Gay Sequel -- Gays Gone Wild: Movie Review

By Jeff Walsh

If you loved the raunchy, politically incorrect fun of “Another Gay Movie,” you’re in luck, they made a sequel. “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild” picks up where the last movie left off, this time sending its horny quartet off to spring break.

I have to say, as a fan of the first movie, it was initially disconcerting that a majority of the main roles were recast. I hadn’t seen the original for a while, so instead of connecting the dots, I just thought I had really forgotten the first one. There were jokes that, in retrospect, were explicitly there to clue you in, such as agents not wanting their clients to do two gay movies in a row. But for whatever reason, it took me a while to figure it out. Having read this, you won’t suffer the same fate.

At spring break, the gay clothing optional resort has a “Gays Gone Wild” contest, where everyone gets a unique rubber stamp and whenever you sleep with someone, you stamp their card and whoever gets the most stamps on their headboard-shaped card wins. The main competition for the boys is a group of Jaspers who are modeled after the trio in “Heathers.” While the first movie stayed focused on mainly parodying gay movies, the sequel takes a broader approach (which makes sense, given that they hit every major gay movie last time). So, it is a bit harder catching all the references since you don’t have as much perspective where they’ll be coming from.

Of course, there are dilemmas involving the contest. Andy (Jake Mosser) falls for a hot Latino guy who doesn’t want to rush things sexually. Jared (Jimmy Clabots) and Griff (Aaron Michael Davis) are still a couple after hooking up last time, but aren’t sure they are ready to open their relationship up enough to enter the contest. And Nico (Jonah Blechman) finds a cursed tiki necklace that repels all the boys, making him question why no one likes him.

There are also some interesting cameos. RuPaul ditches the drag to play the resort activities director. Scott Thompson (of Kids in the Hall) reprises his role as Andy’s closeted dad. Amanda Lepore shows off her flotation devices as a flight attendant. Porn star Brent Corrigan does a surprisingly sweet and tender turn as a merman (of course, it’s completely hypocritical that I say it’s surprising, because I’m only basing that on the fact that he’s porn star, even though I’ve never seen him in action; I met him at the premiere and he was just as sweet in person. But I did think that, so I include it here as a note for self-improvement).

Of course, the biggest cameo is from Perez Hilton himself, Mario Lavandeira. He plays… well, Perez Hilton. The funniest scene is when he gets hit on the head, finds God, and asks people there why they care about Britney and Lindsay and everyone else. Of course, I already asked myself that same question and deleted his website from my bookmarks as a New Year’s Resolution. But I’ve always felt like he was a nice guy behind the persona. In any event, he’s in the movie a lot, but in case you’re wondering, he doesn’t provide the audience with a Richard Hatch-like glimpse of his junk. It’s strange, but my criticism is that he was just a campy cameo and not really much of an actor, hamming up all his scenes, but… I’m not sure if it’s possible to say that he wasn’t convincing as Perez Hilton, since that was all he was supposed to be.

While I did enjoy the movie, and there is honestly no better place to see it than the world premiere at the Castro Theater during the 32nd annual San Francisco LGBT International Film Festival with a vocal, sold-out crowd on the night before gay pride, the movie did seem a little more forced, and slightly less inspired than the first. Strangely enough, it often seemed like it was trying too hard, rather than not doing enough. From a singing in the (golden) rain musical number to a huge orgy, it didn’t have the heart and innocence of the original. Some of the disgusting parts seem a little too obvious, Nico’s fabulous costume changing is even more amped up, and the movie parodies call-outs range from “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” to fisting-inclined zombies.

The standout, of course, is Jonah Blechman. His role was so over the top, that making audiences still able to relate to him and empathize at all is a testament to his acting. For all his outlandishness, there is still a sweetness to Nico. As the only original of the quartet, it is clear that without him, there would be no option to make a sequel (or a trilogy, as writer/director Todd Stephens promised “Gays In Space” as the premise for a third, if this one does well). As for the new trio of actors, they were all very good in their roles, and mainly suffered due to my initial amnesia that I didn’t remember them at all from the original.

It is somewhat strange doing such a detailed review of a movie that tries so hard to make audiences laugh, get sick, get hard, and somehow relate to the humanity buried underneath it all.

While it isn’t as good as the first one, “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild” is still the only big, loud gay movie franchise out there, and if you go see it with a bunch of friends, you’ll forgive its faults and “go wild” for it yourself.


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If they do a "Gays in Space"

If they do a "Gays in Space" then John Barrowman will obviously have to do a cameo.