Car CRash

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Wicked Witch from the West, Bitch, Asshole, Annoying, Barbara Ann, The lady who's taking my dad from me, My dad's girlfriend... all are things I"ve called her before. Until today I didn't realize how much i actually cared about her. I knew i cared about her but I geuss I'd always just pretended not to care that much about her and tried not to like her. Today i was just past 10 Mile road heading the the Palace of Auburn Hills when my dad's phone rings it's someone panicing I thought it was Barb's kids (cuz they were home alone) and i thought like someone had broken an ankle (i heard something about a foot) then i heard something about a car so i thought it was my sister and im like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Then i realized it was barb.. she got in a car crash and i'm just to tired to right about the rest. She ended up going to teh hospital cuz she had an asthma attack.. and we ended up figuring out how to get the kids back to their place and stuff but i was worried... i might add more later.. im just really tired.