Chad Allen: Interview

And Ice Blues will come out in September…

Yeah, it's ready to go. I think they're just spacing them out for viewership's sake, sort of keeping people on the hook. We finally made two in a row, so that people wouldn't have to wait so long.

And are five and six already on the production schedule?

They're on the production schedule, but they're not in script form yet.

So people will have a wait after Ice Blues.

Yeah, we definitely won't be shooting anything before the beginning part of next year, which means the soonest we could get a movie onto TV or DVD would be next summer.

But you're definitely keeping yourself busy. And "Save Me" is the first thing that came out of MythGarden?

Yeah, that was the film that started MythGarden and, ultimately, the film that will finish MythGarden, since it's not going to continue, at least in the form that it was. I'm still producing, but not under the MythGarden name anymore. We've got this film and a movie called "The Way Out," also with Regent and here! "Save Me" is what got us together and got us working with Judith Light, and her producing partner. It was sort of our drea to make that movie come to life. And five years later, we managed to get it made.

And one thing that was interesting to me, having read interviews with you in the past, was it's a character who was into drugs and the party scene and then on the other hand there's also a spiritual side, which seem to be personal paths you've talked about before. What was your personal journey, as far as making this movie, in that it touched on a lot of those autobiographical moments?

The "Save Me" film came from my work with a theater company in New York, when I first found the script. It was originally written as a very over-the-top comedy. We knew pretty quickly, and when I say we I mean myself, Robert Gant, and Judith Light, and our producing partners, we all knew the movie we wanted to make wasn't the over the top comedy, the "But I'm A Cheerleader" model, but to really take a look at the issue of ex-gay ministry and the intersection of God and gay, and have a conversation about love and what that looks like from the spiritual and/or religious perspective.

For myself personally, the recovery process, the coming to find God as I understand God in my own life, my process of reconciliation my Christian upbringing and my understanding of my relationship with God, both in the Christian expression of God and then the all expression of God, led me to want to tell the story this way. Making "End of the Spear" and working with very conservative Christians who have very specific ideas about who God is and how he speaks to you and what he has to say to me led me very directly to want to have this conversation this way.

I thought it was very well-done in the fact that there wasn't even a slight lampooning of the ex-gay side, and that they had very noble reasons to be doing what they're doing…

That was goal number one with this. And we've seen movies, I know I'd seen movies in the past, that claim to want to do that, but didn't succeed at it. It's a very difficult path to really truly have a conversation where you're not going to attempt to draw someone as the bad guy or the rube or the idiot or the stupid one, you know? It's very difficult.

But when I look at "the other side of the aisle" in terms of the Christian community and their misunderstanding in terms of sexuality, I don't see people who are wrong or hateful most of the time. There are the exceptions. Believe me, there are people with hate in their hearts.

But a lot of time, I see people who are trying to understand God's will for themselves, and it's difficult. Our goal was to have a conversation about love, believing we could all achieve more with that.

One thing I was curious about when I was watching it was, had I heard there was a movie about an ex-gay ministry, it kind of has that taint about it? Like, do I really want to enter the world of these arguments again?

In some ways, I'm not even sure it's most successful with gay people. I don't even know for sure that we made the movie for gay people, to be perfectly honest. Gay people, we know the conversation and, while I think it's useful to revisit it and figure out how to bridge the aisle, I think this film, in particular, from the way that it's told, is most useful to that sort-of movable middle on the other side, particular straight people living in a Christian faith who want to understand 'What is God trying to say in the world around this issue? And how can I reconcile my faith, my understanding of God, and my relationship with my gay friends and/or family members?" That's the conversation that we're desperate, and I say we as the community, are desperate to have and that we're struggling to find ways to have all over the world. This is our small way of saying 'Here's one way to have it.'