Clothes that make me look gay!

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Went to the mall today. I love shopping. I got a pair of jeans, a shirt and vest from Debs, i'm surprised i got anything in that store my sister was the one that wanted to go in it. The shirt is orange and the vest is black and it makes my chest look awsome. I'm only a B so i kinda gotta get shirts that make me look bigger than I actually am. They look really good together and they make me look older. Also went to Charlotte Russe. I got a white button up short sleeve shirt, and ontop of that i'm gonna wear this blue u-shaped neck shirt, and then a black pinstriped tie (its like one of those little ties so it doesn't look stupid) It makes me look like a dyke! And i figure if I wear my converse with those tops and carry my guitar around I'll have all the ladies at my feet :) Idk I like finding clothes that express how I'm feeling and look somewhat sophisticated at the same time. I also went to Old Navy and they had this really good sale on guys t-shirts, i got one that is faded gray and the seems are red. I don't mind shopping in the guys section if I see something I like I get it. And plus you see all of those emo boys wearing girls pants everywhere. But whos to say that because they're in a certain section the clothes belong to that gender?

I went to Walden Books (think thats what its called; its no barnes and nobles thats for sure) I got a book called "The Vagina Monologues". I got it in the feminist section. Really don't know how to explain what its about so I'm just going to read it first.


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Yeah, The Vagina Monologues

Yeah, The Vagina Monologues is a famous play. It looks interesting; I want to see it. Maybe then I can finally buy a "vagina warrior" sticker, haha.

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You'll have a blast reading

You'll have a blast reading the monologues. I've seen the play several times.

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I love clothes shopping! I

I love clothes shopping! I used to hate it until I became comfortable with who I was. Then I fucking loved it. I just ordered something from American Apparell online and I'm counting down the days til I get it. It's a mauve sweatshirt/jacket that I paid way too much for. And I just recently bought some new converse and burgundy-ish brown-ish pants. And don't get me started in a thrift store. I have a mini vest collection.

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It describes itself, really. It is different monologues about vaginas.

I saw Ricki Lake and some others perform it on Broadway once, and have since had the pleasure of seeing Eve Ensler perform "The Good Body," which was another great piece.

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I like clothes shopping for

I like clothes shopping for guy clothes, but I never actually get to buy anything, making it redundant=I hate clothes shopping.

I'm a B and I'd actually like it if I were just a tad smaller, it gets in the way.

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Wear a sports bra, that

Wear a sports bra, that makes me look smaller and gets them out of the way.