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i'm not good at titling these things.
but anyway, these past few days have been so confusing.

first, my friend i shall call L texts and asks me to go to the movies. i ask her who else is going and she says, just you and me. i kind of over think everything. she told me a couple months ago that she might be gay. so,
we go to the movies, we watch it, nothing happens, and we go back to my house. we hang out for a while, talk, & watch RENT... and my phone rings. she sent me a text, and i jump to a conclusion. i read it, and it says
" i'm going out with liam. " and i feel randomly feel .. upset? surprised? idk. and then after that, we go downstairs and watch hairspray, and during that she comes over and sits on me. and tickles me until i nearly pee. and during the one song, she gets up and starts dancing, then pulls me up to dance with her.

and then the next night, G, my best friend & ex boyfriend calls.. we talk on the phone all night and fall asleep on the phone. the only bad part was that he was making fun of me and my love for gay guys ^.^ he kept talking about how he wanted to hang out w/ me sometime, like go to the movies. if i go to the movies with him, i can't usually watch the movie because i have to keep him acting appropriate :P i don't really know what to do, because part of me wants to see him b/c i haven't seen his adorable face since a month before school let out. the other part wants to say no, and finally break it off w/ him. any suggestions on what to do ??

and my last little crush problem, this guy has been kind of on/off trying to get my attention since we first had art together 10 months ago. my friend has been saying he's crushing on me, but i didn't really believe it til now.
he just IMed me and is all cute. i don't know whether to like him or just go w/ G.

any suggestionss?