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so im sure your all sick of my posts about trans stuff, but ill continue anyways. theres your warning, you can quit reading if you want.

i still dont know if im trans or not. i guess i still dont have hte definention quite right in my head.

i hate being a girl, i always felt like i have a guys brain. i think of myself as a guy. and i wish i was born as a guy. but i dont really have any desire to tell everyone to call me a guy or anything, that seems a bit to sex-changeish to me. and i dont have hte patience for that much work.

i dress guyish, and once im out of high school i plan on cutting my hair and everything....

so does that make me trans? or just a lesbian with impossible wishes?

what makes someone trans? im confused....


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talking about this stuff is sort of the point of the site, no need to apologize.

Can't you just be a butch lesbian who thinks too much? If you're keeping the girls, not into the downstairs surgery, not planning on hormones, and don't want to be called a guy... sounds like you're just a really butch lesbian, no?

I'm sure there are any number of terms you can use. I'm anti-label, though, so I think you'll just keep confining yourself on that path, and no one but you is asking you to label anything anyway. Want to dress like a guy? Go ahead. Want to cut your hair short? Go ahead.

Wish you were born a guy? Waste of time, you weren't. Move along.

But hate being a girl, think of yourself as a guy... again, this has more to do with how you define those things than anything else. What does it mean to be a guy, or a girl? Unless you're talking cocks or minges, then this is social construct, and ultimately it's all Dorothy/Oz time, click your heels and do what you want, you already have the power.

Trans is a huge umbrella term, so you can clearly fit under there somewhere. But, if you don't think you're really a guy to the point where you want to live as a male, and take hormones and do the whole deal, then it's all just label shopping, which to me always seems more like procrastination than just living your life.

If you stay on the "as soon as I find the right label, my life will begin" path, it usually means you're on the wrong track. Live your life, leave the labeling to other people who are wasting their time...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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