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I'm going to end up working 10 days straight... 9 are night shifts. 4 have/will be doubles. 1 day I'm working with practically no one that I know. 1 day I'm working with people I don't know so well... 1 day I'm working with Peggy! 1 day I'm working with Xana, two days I'm working with Jess and Brittany, and I'm not working with Laurance (sniffle).

Haha, Smuggs think Laurance is a boy. Just because they think her name is really "Lawrence". She's not very boyish at all.


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Why would whether or not you know the co-workers be a factor? I always see lifeguards sitting alone, looking at the water, no?

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Not where I work. When you

Not where I work. When you have a break you usually talk to the pool host, complex supervisor or other guards.

Plus, there's times when there's no one at a pool. Like today, thunder call the whole time.

Then lunch and dinner breaks...