David Levithan and Mama Mia.

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Wow guys. I really want see MAMA MIA. Like, fer shure. Haha. I mean, sure, I want to see The Dark Knight and all, especially after the reviews my friends have given me, but still, I want to see Mama Mia more than anything.

Musical + Meryl Streep= Instant hit.
Or, at least in my mind.

You guys should read any and all David Levithan books. I love him, he's pretty much my new favoirte author. Right now I'm reading this book by him entitled: "The realm of possibilities".

It's gold you guys. Pure gold. I love it so much. I'm PRETTY sure you can go to his website and read an excerpt from it. Also, he's written this other book called "Boy Meets Boy". And I'd do just about anything to get my hands on it. So, I'm going to the bookstore this week, and I'll be damned if I don't find and buy that book. You can read an excerpt from that book too!

AHA!: Here. http://www.davidlevithan.com/ :D
You're all wlecome. ;D

So basically, all of you, go to David Levithan's website and read his excerpts. That should be enough for you to realize to complete your lives, you need to read his books. I think I'll hit the sack now, it's like, 2 o' clock-ish where I'm at.
Good night, Oasis.


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I love musicals, but Mamma Mia was never near the top of the pile. It's cute, enjoyable, goes down easy... (sounds like I'm describing my perfect man), but ultimately there's not much heft to it. From the reviews I read, it seems like those are the complaints about the movie (aside from inept directing and bad choreography), so it's probably faithful to the stage version.

Of course, between the two, I opted for Dark Knight. I'd rather see something aim high and miss than aim low and hit.

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so on a whim i just looked up my high schools catalog and found that some of levithans books in it. Which is hilarious. If only the bible thumpers knew.....