don't read this.. it'll bore the crap out of you

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Hmm, what's going on in my life? Besides being on the brink of suicide twice in one week, nothing really.. I keep thinking something is wrong with me.. I think I may have Asperger's Syndrome.. other than that, I really have nothing to write about.. Nothing at all..


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Wow, suicide twice in one

Wow, suicide twice in one week. thats intense. if you feel super depressed and you need to talk to someone, im here.

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I hope things turn up for

I hope things turn up for you, and even if they don't, I hope you feel better about it soon. If you need someone to talk too, I'm here too. I know life sucks sometimes but, sometimes just talking to someone and sorting out your thoughts can help. Feel better soon. Remember that death is permanent, and most problems aren't. There are better ways to get over things, even if you can't solve them.

I feel kind of like somethings wrong with me too. But then I always kind of have. I'm not sure what it is though.

But good luck with everything. I really do hope you feel better soon.

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Hey. I'm so sorry to hear

Hey. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been depressed lately. I really hope things get better for you.
You're certainly a worthy person; that much is clear from your journals. Please stay with us!

"She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep coming back for more
She's just the girl I'm looking for"
-The Click Five "Just the Girl"

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Everyone deserves to be

Everyone deserves to be happy. Message me if you wanna vent. Not going through with suicide meant that somewhere deep down you know you have a lot to live for. And that's key.