dreams, my summer so far, school woes, etc...

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Almost all my dreams for the past week maybe 2 have involved this guy in my class. I never really had a crush on him or anything but i can't stop dreaming about him. these aren't even sex dreams. Most of them are more centered around love and intimacy than the actual act of sex itself. Anyway now that I can't stop dreaming about him I am beginning to develop feelings for him, which is ridiculous. we are good friends and everything, but he has a girlfriend. I've never seen her and as far as I know no one else has either, but that's not the point, He's never even hinted at being interested in me. even if i thought he was gay it wouldn't matter, because of the so called "family values" that my school is obsessed with I can't say anything to him unless i want to risk getting expelled which would really suck during my senior year. the worst part about these dreams is that they remind me that I'm alone and send me into a cloud of depression, but i will survive. I mean they're just dreams and i can't let them keep me down.anyway other than that things are going pretty good for me right now.I visited my dad and his wife's family in Rochester, NY last month which was lots of fun (still haven't come out to my dad though). I also visited Niagara falls while i was there, that was amazing literally beyond words. my job is in full swing now and I'm enjoying it. school starts in 19 days, and this year i am determined to stop ignoring all the neo-conservative christian shit constantly spewed in almost every class and say something (at least every once in a while). so that's basically everything that's going on with me right now.


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My personal experience is intimacy and love dreams, with some light sexual undertones, were the norm before I had any real sex.

Your mileage may vary.

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