Eclipse... Breaking Dawn?

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Eclipse is done too, now... well, was done a couple days ago, but we all know what happened then ;)

Her writing got progressively worse and the characters, at least to me, lost their continuity in places. Is continuity the right word? The decisions they made at times, or the things they said/chose to ignore made no sense w/ who they are, but rather only w/ continuation of plot, development of a mystery for the next sequel, etc. It was a bit odd. Perhaps it's the character development that was a bit off in its fluidity?

Anyways, the Edward-Bella relationship inspired me to remember the power of obsession when it comes to rekindling love, and I've been bugging my ex a lot lately. We finally saw each other last night... he's the only one that's managed to take my breath away like that, ever; just with a kiss, a touch, a look, even. Okay, the look might be stretching it a lil', I'm not sure... It's kind of funny, because his face looks like a girl sometimes; and then it's just odd and frustrating.

We were together a few years ago, and then a long series of break-ups ensued, all resulting in his heart getting broken and mine not. How my interest has come back in such full force, I don't know. But at least there's a possibility this time that I'll be the one getting hurt. Which is scary, but levels out our relationship a little bit, I think.

We're not really *together*... but in a way, we're back home; with lots to rebuild, lots of new things to learn.


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Continuity is definitely the

Continuity is definitely the right word, and I agree about the character development (although my roommate seems to disagree). What makes me mad is that outside North America, Breaking Dawn will be released a day later, so all my friends back home will be lording it over me. "I've read it and you haven't!" etc etc. I guess it's payback for when I got the 7th HP book sooner cause I'm 6 hours ahead. :)

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The 7th HP hasn't come out yet? I'm so confused... lol, sorry....

My sister has Breaking Dawn on pre-order... and she's definitely getting to read it first, haha. So it'll be even closer, for me XP