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so today was interesting. i woke up early so i could go to church. i dont go often but i had signed up to play "special music" today. i was going to play this really great piece "moonlight sonata." you may have heard of it. but my accompanamist kind of backed out on me. so i ended up playing "morning has broken." no accompaniment. i was kind of sad. people still liked it tho. anyways. so later my mom and i went to the farmers market. which reminds me. i forgot the zuchinni at my parents' house. oh well. i'll get it tomorrow. so then later we went to a garage sale. its kind of a hobby for my mom and i to go to garage sales in the summer. i was looking at movies there because im kind of trying to increase my disney movie and romantic comedy vhs selection. im old school like that. so my mom was asking the lady if she had the lion king. and suddenly i felt something sharp in the bottom of my foot. i was barefoot because i didnt want to wear my church shoes because they hurt my feet. it turns out that i had stepped in glass. i drew blood but i didnt think it was a big deal. then i started bleeding all over. i had to ask the lady for a paper towel to wipe it all up while trying to hold a paper towel on my foot. it was bad.


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Why is it embarrassing to accidentally step on glass? Not much you can do about that...

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Yeah, I'd pretty much say

Yeah, I'd pretty much say that's not your fault. The lady was probably not embarrassed on your behalf - which is really when things are embarrassing. You're probably off the hook, socially. I just hope your foot is feeling better.