Family reunion

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Today I went to this little family reunion type thing for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years is a long fucking time to be married, good for them for doing it though. My cousins were there that I hadn't seen since I was like 10. One of them used to be part of a commune though, no one in the family will call it that but thats what it was. They would like have harvests and everyone had to contribute to the farming and then they would all get equal shares of the harvest. I think it was on some place in Vermont. My Grandma was all emo too. She was like crying because everyone was together and I gave her a hug and she wouldn't let go of me until she found someone else to hug. It was nice to see everybody though. My grandparents are good, their just really old fashioned, my sisters 18 and is pregnant and now all we hear about is how it was in their day and how she needs to be married and go to Church now. Ha. Not happening. I really think America will be a different place when my grandparents generation dies out, there won't be as many conservatives.


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i totally agree with the

i totally agree with the 'there wont be as many conservatives' statement. at least, thats hte hope right? lol

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.