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i'm reminiscing again.

a year ago today, i was over zoe's. i'd just met her a few hours ago and we were already planning a sleep over. (she's two years younger than me and like a baby sister) around this time, i remember Lauren being drunk and kissing everybody. i remember the sparklers... john almost lighting me on fire. and now i'm sitting in my living room, watching spider man 2 and listening to the illegal fireworks that my neighbors are setting off. i don't feel like watching them... i don't like watching fireworks unless i'm w/ a special someone. kind of funny, actually, b/c one of the last two times i saw fireworks, i was beating my bf up for cheating on me, which i found out about when i was cheating on him ^-^
& during the other i heard my best friend's mom shout, "it looks like SPERM!"

this started out as me looking back on friends i hadn't talked to in months; one i haven't seen in a year. - and i still have yet to make plans w/ her. i really miss that girl! she was like the baby sister i'd always wanted - and now i'm beginning to remember how much it sucks to be single. i haven't been in a relationship since highschool football seasons started - and that relationship started b/c J(my first girl crush) told me to date the guy... the last person i kissed wasn't single at the time.. and J was in love w/ him.

oh well, i'm going to go. john wants to set off fireworks.