for lack of a better title: urgh!

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my overwhelming urge to "do the right thing" has basically died.

two of my closest friends are dating
L and .. i'll call him B.

L = :]
B= ex boyfriend; one of my best friends. aka my Big Brother

L is cheating on him, and i've known this for a while, but didn't want to tell him and break his heart (i'd already done that to him) and break hers. i know she's in love w/ him .. but she has about seven other guys (and one girl - guess who THAT is ... ) after her.

i got a call this morning, about 10, from Tara, saying
"are they still dating... cus she's been with *cute guy from SP* all week again, and i think she's cheating on him. you should tell him"
i just said,
"i can't hear you.. call back later, k?"

i know i should tell him, because he's my best friend, and i love him like family...
but i can't. because i'd be hurting her.

any suggestions on what to do?


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tell him. if he finds out

tell him. if he finds out that you knew as well and let it keep going, youll be in just as much trouble. talk to the one cheating first, tell her to stop or you will tell him, see if that does anything. otherwise your obligated to tell him

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.

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I won't sugarcoat anything...

L doesn't deserve to have her feelings considered, her cheating on B already forfeited her own right to have any say in this relationship and the consequences that will result from ANY action taken by you (or B when he knows).

So tell B. He'll have to know eventually. And I don't like this L, if you have a crush on her yet you know she cheats on someone she supposedly 'loves', that should already be a red light. She sounds like someone really selfish and inconsiderate, especially if she's done it for a while.

And I have to be honest, you know the right thing to do. Sooner or later B's heart WILL be broken. It' not your burden to somehow stop that. But you ARE burdened with the knowledge of L cheating, and not doing something makes you a complicit bystander. In my eyes, that probably makes you just as bad as her.

So, do the right thing.