Gag reflex saves the day...

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If you ever thought to yourself, I wonder what a day would be like for Jeff if he got food poisoning at his job with the hellaciously long commute from his apartment. Would he be able to make it home before all the vomiting starts?

If I just described you, today's your lucky day.



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oh god, dear, i am so sorry.

oh god, dear, i am so sorry. really, truly, non-sarcastically sorry.

hope you feel better!

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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Seems to be OK this morning. Thanks.

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Ouchies... Just

Ouchies... Just ouchies...

Bitter flavored things aid best in digestion. Ginger helps quell the stomach also. Just don't chew on dried ginger... It's pretty disgusting.

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That sounded like it was awful. Glad to hear you're feeling okay today.

They do still make Cinnamon Life. I'm fond of those delicious little squares.

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that definitely sucks. i've

that definitely sucks. i've actually thrown up on a bus before so im sure that didnt help the whole food poisoning anyways. im sure any day without throwing up is better than that one.

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