Grilled Cheeses, Million Dollar Estates and Sly Foxes

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Alright. All those things in the title are pretty specific, eh? Seemingly unrelated, except for the fact that they've been on my mind.

Number One. Good place to start, huh?
I find cooking so relaxing. It just comes to fluid to me. Then all the volatile oils being released as aroma just sets me off. It's as much of a rush that I get from a mild O. The smell of cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger and garam masala (I know, garam masala is a spice blend) all wafting from a single dish. They all meld together, so perfectly.

But I find nothing more relaxing, more rewarding and more aesthetic than making grilled cheese. I'm pretty particular about grilled cheese though. It's none of the Kraft American cheese bullshit. None of that Wonder Bread-esque crap. It's gotta be high quality bread Yeast risen, king arthur flour, slightly spiced bread. Then there has to be greens. I love arugula or spinach. Then I'm pretty particular about cheeses. I don't like American, nor do I like cheddar. In fact, I can't stand cheddar. It's gotta be a good Gloucester, preferably a double Gloucester.

Number Two. Almost there.
I got back from Maine two days ago. That was my vacation, staying up at my family's summer home. Well, my grandparent's summer home, but they weren't up there. You see, my grandmother has lung cancer that's metastasized and spread to her hip bone. The doctor's feel that there's no chance for her. Then my grandfather is suffering from lung cancer also I believe. His treatment was successful, whatever that means (my grandparents don't tell us much. That's all they said to us), but he's very ill. He goes to sleep at 2 PM everyday. He's on a feeding tube. He's goes to a support group for people afraid of falling.

So obviously they wouldn't be able to travel in such a state. They still wanted people to go up and enjoy the property. I probably should give a description of the estate.

It's in Blue Hill, Maine. South of Bangor. It's private and we're completely separated from all neighbors by trees. We have pretty much the best beach (private of course) out of any of our neighbors. Nice and Sandy but with some nice rocks. We have 4, technically 5, boats. A picnic boat, a speed boat, a sail boat, a kayak and the technical boat, the dingy. There's 4 buildings in the estate: the main house, the chicken coop, the white guest cottage and the yellow guest cottage. All buildings have at least one full bath and full kitchen. The yellow guest cottage and the main house cottage has two full baths. The white cottage's living room is really a ship's captain's quarters. it was taken out of a real ship. It's the youngest building. The main house is about 100 years old. The chicken coop is next, I'm not sure than the yellow guest cottage is around 70 or 75. White guest cottage is around 50. Anyway, the whole estate amounts to an approximate 5 or 6 million dollars. It takes 100,000$ per year to maintain.

So anyway, it's obviously distressing, my grandparent's state and all, so this year up there was pretty tough.

Number Three. This is turning out to be long.

Nasir Jones, A.K.A. Nas, released his new album that was supposed to be titled "Nigger". This is my favorite of his albums by far. One song is on my mind in particular:

Sly Foxes. I love the song. It's basically bashing News Corporation and Bill O'Reilly. We all know Fox News is a piece of shit and that it lies or just reports bogus and useless news. Anyway, Bill O'Reilly had this huge beef with Nas, I'm not sure of all the details, but Bill let statements fly that accused Nas of being the stereotypical rapper, a gangster. I personally feel that such an attack by a news corporation, something where NEWS comes from, not biased opinions from some stupid fucking talking head.


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that was incredibly ammusing

that was incredibly ammusing to read. idk why, but it was i guess. that estate sounds incredible...