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Some haiku I wrote after returning from a walk.

Empty coffee cup
Abandoned on the sidewalk
Used up, and tossed out

Many pairs of shoes
Intrinsically animate
But still not alive

Familiar streetlight
Unlit and useless until
Twilight steals in

Silly little boy
Ice cream precariously
Balanced in his hand

A destination
Much more precious than its end
Because windows glow

Stare out the window
Of the well-lit coffee shop
Longing for the rain

Books on Kennedy
A different bookstore, but still,
Such a reminder

Feet against the ground
Tramping off the largest street
Winding towards home


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This is good. Really good. =] I like it.

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Very good! I like the second

Very good! I like the second one the best.

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Agreed. The second one is

Agreed. The second one is awesome. :)